The Metabank ACE Flare Account is a prepaid debit card, similar to a checking account. This means that you deposit the money you want to use directly onto the card.


ACE Cash Express aims to help consumers find alternatives to traditional banking relationships by providing them with convenient and instant access to financial services.  ACE Credit Access LLC is a CSO and CAB that helps consumers obtain credit from an independent third-party provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can you withdraw from your Ace Flare account?

There is no dollar limit for overdrafts. You pay $ 20 for every $ 10 of the overdraft, up to five overdrafts per month. You must pay your negative balance in full within 30 days or your account may be closed.

How do I close my Ace Flare account?

You can close your account by calling Customer Service at 866-753-6355 or by following the steps below:

  • Login to your account online
  • Click Help.
  • Choose Close account.
  • Is the Ace Flare account a checking account?

No. The ACE Flare Account is a prepaid account. But you can make direct deposits with your card and open an optional savings account.


How much does it cost to replace my card?

A replacement fee of $ 3.95 will be charged if your card is lost or stolen.

Can I customize my Ace Flare account card?

Yes, but it costs $ 4.95.

Can I get more than one card for my Ace Flare account?

Yes, additional prepaid cards cost $ 3.95 each.

How can I withdraw money?

For a $ 2.50 fee, you can withdraw money at an ATM just like you would with a regular ATM card. By making a withdrawal at a participating ACE Cash Express branch, you can avoid fees and withdraw up to $ 400 per day if you have to qualify for direct deposit activity.

How can I earn interest on my optional savings account?

If you ever have a direct monthly allowance, you can create a compte d’√©pargne Flare facultatif et gagner just 6.00% of annual rendement (APY). savings account. Your actual APY will depend on qualifying factors, including your average daily balance.