The MetaBank ACE Flare account is completely free online or by phone. However, there is a $ 3 registration fee when you order the card at a retail store, and there is also no minimum balance required to open the account.


There are two plans for the MetaBank ACE Flare account: The first plan is when no direct deposit is set up, which costs $ 9.95 per month. The second plan is that if you make a total direct deposit of at least $ 500 per month, your monthly fee will drop to $ 5.

Pricing System Of The Login Portal

Here are some of the other notable fees for the ACE Flare account on behalf of MetaBank:

  • Direct Deposit – $ 0.
  • National ATM withdrawal fees: $ 2.50.
  • International ATM Withdrawal Fees: $ 4.95.
  • Foreign transaction fee – 3%.
  • Balance request fee (national or international): $ 1.00 (does not apply for check-in through the mobile application, SMS, or email).
  • No bet withdrawal fee: $ 2.50.
  • Interruption fee – $ 0.
  • Statement Post Fee: $ 5.95 per statement (note that it is also available online for free).
  • Additional or replacement debit card: $ 3.95 per card (equivalent to $ 4.95 if you order a personalized card).
  • Account-to-Account Transfer Fee: $ 0 when ordering online (but costs $ 4.95 when using a customer service representative.


Deposit Limits

One of the great features of the MetaBank ACE Flare account is that there is no deposit limit for direct deposits from, for example, your employer or an ACH transfer from your bank.

You will be limited to making cash deposits, although the limits are quite high. When you deposit funds through the Netspend network, you can deposit up to $ 7,500 once (and per day) and up to $ 15,000 every thirty days.

Overdraft Protection

As an additional service, you can add overdraft protection to your ACE Flare account with your MetaBank account, as long as you meet the requirements.

ACE will charge you $ 20 for any transaction that makes your account negative above $ 10.